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Solo Mailing Programs

Solo Mailing Program


Valusave also specializes in "high end" solo mailing programs designed to target specific criteria such as age/income/occupation.

Solo mailings can be sent to  any specific area/zip code/town your area business is trying to reach. Solo mailings are not limited to the areas we send our cooperative coupons to.

They are "cost effective" and "results oriented!"

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail Retail)

Ask about Every Door Direct Mail Retail programs which allow your business to reach
every home or business... every address every time.
You simply pick the neighborhood you wish to target.

EDDM mailing pieces can be postcards/oversized postcards/catalogs/and brochures.
This new program introduced by the USPS allows retail businesses to mail
at the lowest possible rates!

For more information, please call Harvey R Sheiber, 203 840-0800.

I've been mailing with Valusave since the 1990's.  There is no better, cost-effective way to reach thousands of local consumers with your products and services.   -Alex Stanek, Smart Cycles - Norwalk, CT

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